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School Management System

Manage Your institutions in a better way and increase your strenght by Institute Management System.There are various sections in Institute management system. We provide a complete system that is very easy to use for management.

  • Feature 1:Student Management System
  • Feature 2:Teacher Management System
  • Feature 3:Fee Management System
  • Feature 4:Transportation Management System
  • Feature 5:Payroll System
  • Feature 6:Online Exam Management System
  • Feature 7:Time Table
  • Feature 8:Inventory Management System
  • Feature 9:Messaging & Mailing System
  • Feature 10:Events Management System
  • Feature 11:Library Management System
  • Feature 12:Report Generation Management System
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Product description

Get students detail instant about academics performances,Parents Details,Certificates Management,Monthly Fee Collection,Exam Terms Fee Collection,Question Paper Editor,Student Examination Portal and update online marks of papers.
Item Master Details-It contains all the details of items which will be used in the institute. You can manage all the inventories.Manage material or equipment department wise and We provide you a process in which you can take a review of issues related to damage equipments

If any pupil have a pending fee then you can send by default message related to fees also can send the greetings on students birthday.Mail Service-You can send mails to teachers to give them professional information.
Report Generation Based on Academic Performance Report,New Admission Report,Identity Card Generation and management of fees date-wise,You can update Fine fees report also.Yous can generate the report of students who have pending fees.

Here is Pushpinder Singh,I completely appericiate this company who did a well job by providing me a full fledged College Management System.Thanks to MT WEB TECH.
Hello,I am kiranpreet and i would like to thank for giving me best service now i can monitor my whole college with ease and management is also very cooperative.
Hello everyone, I would like to thankful to MT Web Technology for giving me better institute management system."Rohit"

Class Section wise Results: Generation of class and section wise examination result.Mark sheet Generation: You can generate mark sheet of mid terms exams of each subject.Class Wise Question Paper Generation: Report related to how much question papers are generated to particular class.
You can add other staff into the list of Non-Teaching staff.Allotment of class and section to new students as well as teachers. There are number of options by you can search for particular student like Search by Name and DOB, Search by Roll Number, Search by Admission Number