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The Digital Marketing Associate (DMA) program will prepare you to become a complete digital marketer. One of the world’s fastest-growing disciplines, this Digital Marketing certification course will increase your job market value and enable you to handle end-to-end marketing campaigns.

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The Certificate Program in Strategic Digital Marketing is exclusively designed for young graduates and mid-career professionals who seek to accelerate their career in the field of Digital Marketing. In this 6-month intensive and experiential program, learners will engage with experts through online recorded content, live mentorship classes, and get exposure to hands-on tools in digital marketing. !Towards the end, the learners will undertake a comprehensive mentored capstone project in the field of digital marketing.

The program begins by building a strong foundation in marketing fundamentals and customer insights so that learners can execute digital marketing strategies and also play a key role in defining and shaping the digital marketing strategy of their team or organization.

Learners will also learn about all the modes of marketing and develop critical thinking to decide on which channels will be most suitable as they design the campaign.

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The Future is Digital

The digital advertising market size is around Rs.10,819 crore ($1.3 billion)

18 Lakh Jobs in Digital Marketing to be generated by 2021 across India.

Online Advertising to increase by 30% Year-on-Year

Estimated spends of Rs.25,200 crore in Digital Media adver. by 2021.

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Upon successful completion of the program, you will get a certificate from Great Lakes


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Certificate Program in Strategic Digital Marketing

Showcase your learning and projects in a snapshot! share the link on social media and channels to establish your credibility in Digital Marketing.

Work on an area of your choice to create and grow your own Digital brand with guidance from the faculty. Create your own body of work to display your mastery of digital strategy, tools! and! tactics required to build and grow a digital brand.

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