JAVA & Android Application

Core Java

When we talk of programming languages and technologies, Java is the most popular platform, which is used to develop several applications for the systems as well as embedded devices. JAVA is fast, secure, and reliable. From laptops to datacenters, game consoles to scientific supercomputers, cell phones to the Internet, JAVA is Everywhere! There is a huge scope of JAVA to enhance the industrial competency.

Android Development

The Android Development course is primarily designed for programmers who want to learn how to create applications in Android. This platform continues to progress as the developers work together to creative , innovative and rich mobile applications. Thus, it increases the career prospects of skilled mobile developers across the world.

Real time projects to practice

These projects will give you hands- on practice to gain skills & confidence. These projects are specially designed to gear up students who are lacking the required experience, exposure and skill set in IT industry.

Bring your ideas and reward yourself

This thought has the purpose to increase in self-esteem and self-awareness in students as to direct them to rewarding careers. Involvement of your ideas will widen your personal talent. Bright ideas and innovative thinking will be rewarded.

Course Features

-24X7 Access: You can view lectures at your own convenience.
-Online lectures: Online lectures with high-quality videos.
-Hands-on practice: Includes source code files for hands-on practice.