Website Development

Building the website is not a difficult task but building user-friendly sites, Search engine friendly as well as bug-free needs expertise in this field. Maximize your business growth with the enriched web solution provided by our organization which will offer and drives real growth to your business. We are committed to improvise excellence beyond par and you can be guaranteed for thorough professionalism from us. Best web development services in Chandigarh empowered at MT WEB TECHNOLOGIES provides the best website solution to suit as per the needs of the organization. MT WEB TECHNOLOGIES is the best for web Development Services in Chandigarh having a team of experts who are enriched with experience in development Arena and are renowned for improvising affordable and best Services as far as website development is concerned.

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Gathering Information

This is the core concept before the development of any website. Here, one has to be fully aware of the fact about purpose as to why the website is being developed and who is going to be the targeted audience you wish to attract. This information is very helpful in developing the best website.

Planning Process

The job of web developers starts up with the planning process as to the creation of a sitemap which means how easy it will be for the end-user to find or locate the information starting from the main or home page. The main planning process includes building up a user-friendly site and easy for navigation.

Designing of Web Pages

It’s in the designing process that all the visual contents like images, photos, videos are created. During the designing process the target audience should be kept in mind. The layout consists of colors, images, logos, to give general information and understanding the future content of the website.

Content Writing & Compiling

ontent is one of the major aspects of the website. While writing any content creating an eye-catching headings, text editing, writing new text, compiling the existing text is of utmost importance and therefore has to be done effectively as to what do you want to communicate with the client or customer.


In this step, the website finally is created. The home page (which is most important) is created and subpages are added thereon. It is during the coding phase that CMS and frameworks are implemented.

Testing and Launching

Testing is one of the primary functions of the development of the website. Every link should be properly tested to ensure that there is no breakage among them. Each & every form, every spell check has to be taken ample care before its launch after the check and rechecking.

Maintenance of Website

Once the website is developed, the job is not over as yet. One has to undergo an update of your site and maintain the site on the regular basis. One has to ensure that the website is working fine and the end-user is also satisfied with your site; the failure of which can make the customer switch over to another competitor website.